Insights to Joe Kerr and his photography.

Thank you for stopping by my name is Joe Kerr or Joker as most of my friends and family call me. I’ve been involved in photography for most of my short life of 62 years. Its just in the past decade that my photography transitioned from a hobby to a full time preoccupation.  I’m not going to post here my VC you can check my Link-in page for that.

This site was initiated to share some of my experiences that I’m so privileged to see on an daily bases at Pixels here in Winnipeg. The photographers and people that I’ve meet on a day to day and the stories I’ve heard are astounding. Some of their images have been equally inspiring. I’ll also plan to share some of my insights into processing and printing which has consumed most of my life over the past 10 years.

I hope you’ll find this insightful, fun and maybe even learn something along the way.

Thanks for stopping by, lets begin…


A study of compositions.

2 thoughts on “Insights to Joe Kerr and his photography.

  1. We met at the workshop at Tec Voc for Sage. I teach photography at Crocus Plains School here in Brandon. The camera club was wondering if you could come out for a meeting and give a presentation – April 18 or May 2 or 16th would work.
    We start at 7:30 and end about 9:30. Take until about 9 if you like or do the whole 2 hours! You could do an expanded version of what you did at Tec Voc.
    Let me know soon. Jim

    • Hi Jim,
      Sorry school has been very busy and today I just received my schedule for the balance of the year. I would like to come out and talk to your group. Mondays I have a full day at the college and don’t get out till usually after 5:00. I’ll see if I can switch on one of your suggested dates with one of the other instructors. I’ll let you know in the next day or two.
      Joe Kerr

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