Clean sharp images aren’t good enough !

Taking great photographs used to be based on how sharp the capture was with good composition and light. Today, with literally millions of images taken every day, that’s just not good enough. You need to dig much deeper.

Today you need your images to be more compelling, you want your audience to be there with you, feeling the moment, drawing them into your vision. In today’s world of photography this is just the first step in creating good photographic art.

The artist must understand the complex world of post production. How to create a look that can define who they are and establish it as a brand for them selves. A formidable task maybe but if your dedicated to your art its a life time journey worth exploring.

In addition the photographic artist needs to have an understanding of who he or she is and who their desired audience is. He or she needs to study exactly how they will either fit into that profile or better still how they can create a new genera that is distinctly their own. This is likely the most difficult task and it doesn’t happen with out a lot of commitment to their work. Most will never get this far and that’s OK as long as you enjoy the art of photography.

“How long are you willing to wait before you dig deeply into what’s creatively fulfilling for you?”


Uncommon TexturesMatlock Sept 2016-8.jpg

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