Striving To Be Artistically Liberated.

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“How long are you willing to wait before you dig deep into what’s creatively fulfilling ?”

As a photographer you need to study to instinctively understand, comprehend and execute the techniques of photography. But, the pictorial artists needs to evolve these rules, to be able to release themselves of the limiting confines of ridged techniques in order to be creatively free but with a sound foundation.

This sense of freedom to perform at an artistically free level is resting within most of us. It will only come forward if we truly want it. As human beings we habitually place limits on that freedom and restrain ourselves creatively falling back to what is safe for us and acceptable by our peers.

How then are we going to overcome a lifetime of limitations to suddenly become a wiser, stronger, more confident and ultimately a free thinking artists? Well, it’s not going to be sudden or easy. It’s going to be an evolutionary process that evolves through patience, learning, focus, determination and an understanding want of that liberation.

As you start this journey you may feel like you’re backing up, worrying if it is going to be acceptable, but accepting who you are, working through the learning curve you will find a persona or inner you coming together. For me this is when the hardware and software actually mean less and a tropic cascade of image evolution becomes your reality. You will find you are driven and genuinely motivated to fulfill this style that reflects you, one that is comfortable, intuitive but understood. You must trust it when it happens, let it flow through you and learn to get other peoples impressions out of the way so it can shine clearly.

Moving forward on your vision, your development of capture and processing techniques will become much stronger and more clear, actually feeling simple. With a strong mind set, you will no longer fear technical limitations and the ever changing treadmill of software regiments. Your experiences and knowledge will confirm your ability to perform at levels that will set you apart and free.

Given that reality, it’s now within your ability to minimize the effect of limitations and to allow yourself to evolve. Doing so, you must work on developing your own mind-set and psyche to perform. But, most importantly, you must develop and recognize what is your vision and define it within your given style. Believing in your own techniques releases the confidence to move past previous limitations, to continue explore any new found potentials.

Lastly dwelling on nagging critiques will fade away and be forgotten. What were once challenging obstacles will soon become a natural sustainable pace. Fears of acceptance will be replaced by an excited anticipation of exhibiting your latest exploration regardless of any consequence. Impending projects will no longer be a source of dread, but, become opportunities to rewrite your personal creative exploits.

Feel the joy and learn to fly.
Only then will you have the true freedom to create.

Clean sharp images aren’t good enough !

Taking great photographs used to be based on how sharp the capture was with good composition and light. Today, with literally millions of images taken every day, that’s just not good enough. You need to dig much deeper.

Today you need your images to be more compelling, you want your audience to be there with you, feeling the moment, drawing them into your vision. In today’s world of photography this is just the first step in creating good photographic art.

The artist must understand the complex world of post production. How to create a look that can define who they are and establish it as a brand for them selves. A formidable task maybe but if your dedicated to your art its a life time journey worth exploring.

In addition the photographic artist needs to have an understanding of who he or she is and who their desired audience is. He or she needs to study exactly how they will either fit into that profile or better still how they can create a new genera that is distinctly their own. This is likely the most difficult task and it doesn’t happen with out a lot of commitment to their work. Most will never get this far and that’s OK as long as you enjoy the art of photography.

“How long are you willing to wait before you dig deeply into what’s creatively fulfilling for you?”


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